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Celia Israel Introduces a Bold Plan to Address Austin’s Housing Crisis

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Cudahy deserves leadership that supports our residents’ needs first: quality affordable housing, renter protections, dignified jobs for all, and an expansion of community services for all.

When Cudahy experienced two crises in 2020, Elizabeth stepped up to support our families throughout the pandemic with at-home meal deliveries, school supply giveaways, COVID-19 testing and vaccination clinics, and renter and utility assistance- available to all, regardless of immigration status.

"Our city is at a TIPPING POINT where we have the chance to elect someone who will usher us with courage and true leadership."

Throughout her four years on the city council, Elizabeth has advocated for community-centered policies that support the most vulnerable among us. She presented and passed an eviction defense ordinance to protect Cudahy’s renters, approved new affordable units for seniors and families, and organized community workshops on college readiness, renter’s rights, immigrant rights, and Cudahy’s mural program.


Elizabeth is ready to continue the work and lead Cudahy on a people-centered platform.


1. Housing for Working Families.

Mayor Alcantar is an advocate for housing that is affordable to the local community and pushes for new developments to include units that fall under the "very low income" category and for a Local Preference to preserve affordable housing for local Cudahy residents. If re-elected, she will continue to advocate and push to finally pass strong renter protections for the 85% of Cudahy residents that are renters. Most recently, Mayor Elizabeth Alcantar led the passing of the strongest Inclusionary Housing Ordinance in the region that will ensure developers include affordable housing units in all new developments. The ordinance also demands annual livability reports from all developers that provides the city the data necessary to pass future housing policy. In January 2020, she introduced the Eviction Data Collection Ordinance with tenant protection provisions. Under this ordinance, when landlords are looking to evict a tenant, they must provide a copy of the notice via certified mail to Cudahy City Hall within 5 days or 20 days if the landlord only has less than four units. If the landlord fails to provide a copy to city hall, the tenant may utilize this in court to have the landlord comply. She has also brought rent stabilization items to council agendas however, the item has fallen one vote short of passing.

2. Solutions for Homelessness.

Under Mayor Alcantar’s leadership, Cudahy has hired a homelessness coordinator to provide targeted assistance and house the homeless by connecting them with local resources including housing support, mental health services, and service with dignity. If re-elected, she will focus on preventing homelessness through community workshops with local agencies and nonprofits for people-centered solutions. Elizabeth Alcantar is committed to providing a regional approach to solving homelessness and has collaborated with leaders of neighboring cities to secure shelter beds and services for those facing homelessness.

3. Education for All.

Cudahy students deserve ample opportunities and the support needed to flourish as students and community members. Mayor Elizabeth Alcantar personally knows how important higher education is for students and has led college preparedness workshops in Cudahy and fundraised money to provide scholarships to Cudahy students. In her second term, Mayor Alcantar will host college and vocational training workshops for our local students. She will also host community field trips to colleges and universities to expose Cudahy students- from pre-kindergarten to high school- to local college options and opportunities.

4. Safety Begins with Community Programming.

Children and young adults in Cudahy need community programs that will keep them engaged and out of trouble. That is why Mayor Elizabeth Alcantar led a 2022 city budget that listened to Cudahy residents and is finally bringing back city-sponsored sports and programs. In the last few years, Cudahy has also expanded its options for arts, dance, and technology classes for our youth, adults, and seniors. Our most recent partnerships include the Southeast Community Development Corporation that has provided coding and basic computer classes, and the Southeast Los Angeles Rio-Vista YMCA which provides baseball, soccer, and summer classes. In addition to bringing back city-led community programming, Mayor Alcantar has remained committed to safe-guarding our community assets such as the Lugo Park Gym and our city crossing guards that have kept our kids safe on their way to and from school.

5. A Greener, Cleaner Cudahy.

Cudahy is heavily environmentally burdened by its past and present industry. Most recently in 2020, Delta Airlines dumped 15,000 gallons of jet fuel onto Cudahy and neighboring communities causing harm that is still unknown. Mayor Elizabeth Alcantar took swift action in demanding Delta immediately clean the affected parks, schools, and city buildings, as well as commit to financially supporting future Cudahy programs. For too long Cudahy has been taxed with severe environmental injustices with little to no restitution for its residents. Mayor Alcantar has been steadfast in her leadership to ensure environmental health is improved in the region and has fought against polluting corporations. If re-elected, she will continue the fight for clean air, water, and land.

6. A Working Local Economy.

Cudahy has amazing small businesses that support our growing local economy, hire local residents, and are a part of our community’s fabric. Mayor Elizabeth Alcantar is committed to supporting local businesses and has passed policy to support their expansion and protection during the pandemic. In the past year, Cudahy has worked hard to bring new vibrant businesses particularly on the Atlantic/Elizabeth intersection that will bring more jobs for Cudahy residents. If re-elected, Mayor Alcantar will support the passage of a Community Workforce Agreement to ensure local hiring practices and bring good jobs with benefits to the city.

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