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There are several changes coming to our elections in 2020.

Be prepared. Read below for some of the changes ahead.

1. You can now vote at ANY polling location.

There will be hundreds of voting centers across Los Angeles County and you can vote at ANY of them, not just the ones in Cudahy. Find your nearest voting center here.

2. Voting centers will be open for more than one day.

Voting centers will now be open for a minumum of four days but some are open for up to 11 days. In Cudahy, both centers are open Feb 29-March 2 (8AM-5PM) and March 3 (7AM-8PM) at City Hall and Clara Park.

3. You can register to vote on Election Day.

You will be able to register to vote or change yourvoter registration status on Election Day on-site.

4.You will vote on new ballot-marking devices.

You will now use ballot-making devices to mark your ballot digitally. The machine will then print your responses on paper for you to cast. Read about the new voting experience here.


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